Acoustic Singer

Key Genres

Indie // Pop // Rock

Key Availability

Weddings // Pubs // Events

Graham Lindley

Prepare to be swept away by the creativity and captivating performances of Graham Lindley, one of Sheffield’s finest musicians, singers, and loop artists. With a deep passion for crafting evocative and timeless music, Graham consistently delivers unforgettable shows that leave audiences in awe. His talent for creating music has taken him on a journey through the realms of sound, pushing boundaries and setting new standards along the way. Performing a wide range of hits from Roy Orbison to Sam Fender, Graham is just as comfortable performing in intimate venues as he is playing to large audiences from grand stages. Graham’s music crosses many genres and truly suits all sizes. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience that audiences will be talking about long after the event.

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Recapping Graham

  • Graham Lindley

  • Performance Type: Covers & originals

  • Style: Acoustic Singer

  • Genres: Indie, Pop, Rock

  • Available for: Restaurant Gigs, House Concerts, Street Performances, Charity Events, Corporate Events, Weddings, Festivals, Private Parties, Bars, Events, Pubs