Acoustic Singer

Key Genres

Country // Rock // Folk

Key Availability

Weddings // Bars // Events

Brad Mack

Brad is an upbeat indie and rock ‘n’ roll artist who covers band music from the 1950s to the present. His extensive repertoire is perfect for any occasion, featuring songs from artists like Elvis, ABBA, and Adele. Brad’s performances are lively and engaging, making him a versatile entertainer who can adapt to various events and audiences.

Lets see Brad in action…

Brad Mack: Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
Brad Mack: Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

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Recapping Brad

  • Brad Mack

  • Performance Type: Covers

  • Style: Acoustic Singer

  • Genres: Country, Pop, Folk

  • Available for: Festivals, Restaurant Gigs, House Concerts, Street Performances, Charity Events, Private Parties, Events, Bars, Weddings, Pubs, Corporate Events